All Girl Army wishes

What do we need and want right now that you might be able to help with?

• Amazing women for our bloggers to interview. Ideally, we'd like to have an ongoing list of women our bloggers look up to, find of interest, and want to get the world to see more of. Imagine if, at 12, or 16, or 21, you could have interviewed one of your feminist idols: imagine what an incredible exprience that could have been. We'd LOVE to be able to help the young women and girls here have that experience. Interested? Contact us!

• More adult women to volunteer. For information on our committees, click here.

• Press! Want to cover the All Girl Army? Interview one or more of our amazing young writers? Let us know!

• Books! Music! Independent film! We'd be happy to send books which empower young women and girls to our bloggers to review. For information on where to send'em, contact Heather or Jenny.

• Laptop computers. Some of our bloggers have household arrangements which make computer access sporadic. Others are of an economic class that makes having a working computer available difficult. Others will only have shared acess at school. Donations of new or used laptop/notebook computers for some of the girls and young women could make a big difference, for both their work here, in their education and in the rest of their lives.

• Topics! Have an amazing organization or project for young women or girls? An upcoming event? Are you a young feminist woman with a book or CD coming out of your own? Have you had something happen in your city or school you think is of feminist interest? Contact Heather or our blogger liason, Jessica, and give us the scoop!

• Sponsorship! Have a feminist magazine, organization or business that's pertinent to young women or girls? Want to help support the All Girl Army by getting visibility for yourself/your project? Contact Becca or Heather with sponsorship queries.

A big thanks to granting our wishes to...

• Ariel Meadow Stallings, for the donation of one laptop to blogger Kym!