It's okay to be single... isn't it?

I am currently in the midst of assignment madness at school, but wanted to pop in here to share a recent experience which I found quite interesting...

I have recently discovered that ex boyfriends sending you the lyrics to "Nothing compares to you" is just creepy, and a bit screwed up. Especially when you have a) have not seen the dude for a good 2 years (emphasis on GOOD), and b) I would rather stick my hand in a blender than revisit our relationship. This may sound harsh, but I am just way past being with someone simply because I am alone, I don't need a guy/girl in my life to complete it.

I mentioned this to a group of girl's from my class at university, and was honestly a bit shocked at their reaction. Most of them told me how sweet that was and how I should give him a second chance, a couple of them mentioned that I have been single for a while (2 months does not class as a great while to me, thanks) and should really start thinking about pursuing this relationship... What?

I don't think he is all of a sudden not going to be the guy who gets drunk and punches me in the face anymore, and I certainly don't think a few lyrics from Sinead make his past behaviour somehow all okay, or even forgivable. I don’t understand why I can’t just be single? I don't mind, god knows I am not an easy person to be with either, seeing that most of the time I desperately want to be single and don't even notice they are there.

I know it’s not much, but I was honestly quite surprised that they could be swayed this easily from what we believe in. But then again, I used to be that girl too; maybe I just got the lessons earlier. I hope they don't have them at all.