Who makes these rules anyway?

What I want to know is who invented this grand scale of social achievement which really, I must say, does nothing for me. I mean, owning your own house, car, going to university, have 2.5 kid's and having to give them names you find in a Woman's Day magazine and thinking "oh how I have achieved because now when I fill out the Census I can tick SO many boxes", versus Being a good friend, Honest, not breaking the law, doing what you can do and doing it well, not being so damn hung up on material possessions and not being too busy to smile once a day, I know which life I would call more successful at the end of the day.

I find as a Woman the pressure to do these things is much more intense than perhaps it is for men, that is my feeling on this anyway. We are basically given two options, be a Mother without a career, or a mother with one, and if you are the latter there are a whole lot of other pressures involved in that. Right now, while I probably fit the "norms" of my age group (23, at university, working part time) I am still feeling the sting of not having "fulfilled" a whole other bunch of requirements, and people don't seem to be shy about letting me know this. I am single, with not a lot of interest in being in a relationship for some time, I am studying toward a career, but am keeping myself open to other career's in my future. I would like to have a child but do not want to be married. It may well be that this is different in different places, countries, but it seems that where I live the way I live is some kind of failure on my part.

All I know is I never want to join the daisy chain of suburban depressed housewives in my town just because people who have it all already have made what they have a norm that everyone else must try to reach because I just don't see any life in there for me.