AGA Roll Call: Dear Me

I had the absolute delight, during this year's Seattle International Film Festival, of seeing an amazing film, writer/director Lynn Shelton's "We Go Way Back."

In the film, the lead character Kate, a woman in her twenties, is confronted with her 13-year-old self via letters she had written back then to her older self, one for every upcoming birthday.

On the website for the film, Shelton says: "I once heard a writer refer to the 20’s as a woman’s “geisha years”. Feeling a little lost, she seeks direction from those around her and expends enormous amounts of energy fulfilling the needs of everyone but herself—particularly men. I certainly went through this phase in my own life and what breaks my heart about it is that it was not a lack self-direction and self-respect but rather a loss. At thirteen, I possessed a clarity of vision and a degree of self-confidence that I marvel at today. Somehow, the experience of adolescence stole it all away and it took me years—decades, really—to get it back again.

In We Go Way Back, I’ve given my lead character a gift I could have used during my own “geisha years”: the opportunity to meet the person with all the ingredients that I so sorely missed; my former self."

It can be hard to imagine when you're younger that it's possible to become or feel LESS of yourself, rather than more, but it happens often enough, especially to women, who often have to struggle to even have and keep the opportunity to define themselves, rather than to be defined by everything and everyone else around them.

Ten years from now? You might need to hear from the you of right now very much: there are things who you are now can give to who you will be then of profound value.

So: write a letter to yourself, to be read ten years from today. Think about who you are now, what words of wisdom you've already got for who you will be, and pass them on!

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Here's to you now and then!