AGA Roll Call: Ms.President

"I would be really disappointed if Hillary Clinton were the first woman president," said Medea Benjamin, a self-described feminist and founder of Code Pink, a women-initiated antiwar group based in Venice, Calif.

Among issues of concern to some women are Clinton's support of the war in Iraq, her rhetorical emphasis on preventing pregnancy rather than abortion rights and her reluctance to back universal health care.

Molly Ivins, the Texan who routinely blasts President Bush, declared that she would not back Clinton for president in a January column published by The Free Press, a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism in Ohio. "Enough triangulation, calculation and equivocation," she wrote. "Enough clever straddling. Enough not offending anyone."

And yet...
Plenty of women are thrilled with the possibility of voting for Clinton in 2008, said Marie Wilson, president of the White House Project, a group in New York aimed at seating a woman in the presidency. Young women in particular view Clinton as a "rock star," she said.

How do YOU feel about this: not just about Clinton, but about voting for female candidates for top leadership positions? What influences your vote?

We ALL want women in office, absolutely, but what influences our decisions? Would you ever vote for a top female candidate SOLELY on the basis of her sex? Do you agree with the part of that article in which it's said the female candidates are held to higher expectations and scrutiny than male candidates? How do you feel about that, and how do we resolve that?

No matter our unique "brand" of feminism, it's safe to say that female leadership and representation is an important part of it: what do you do, though, when and if your feminist ideals are divided? When a female candidate is, indeed, female, but does not or might not support feminist and women's issues an advocacy that are important to you?

Write a post about it. Or get creative on this topic! How about writing your OWN platform for an office you might run for? You might want to write a letter to Ms. Clinton. Run with it!

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