Welcome to the All Girl Army!

There is likely little need to say this, because if it isn't already self-evident, it will be very shortly.

But I'm going to say it anyway.

These young women you'll read here? They are an absolute inspiration. They are amazing, revolutionary, insightful, motivated, intelligent, driven, compassionate, brave. They are astonishing women, all of them. There hasn't been a day that passed since I started cultivating this project and hearing from them that something they have said hasn't brought me to the best kind of tears. They are not just everything we want our daughters to be: they are everything we want to be ourselves, no matter our age.

They are a strong, standing protest to any crazy idea anyone may have that young women and girls are inferior to anyone on the basis of their gender, or any basis, for that matter.

One of my own feminist mentors and friends has always said to me, of the most important feminist work any of us can do, "We have just got to connect the women, no matter our differences." I couldn't have asked for better advice, and I couldn't agree more. Not only do I expect amazing things out of this group of women and girls by connecting them, I suspect they will all help connect a great many of us as well by both example and leadership. There are so many reasons why sexism and misogyny thrive in the world, the vast majority of which are not the fault of women. But if we do not make an effort to connect with one another, we do, in part, enable those ills ourselves. We CAN connect, and we have GOT to connect: to empower ourselves, yes, but also to just ENJOY ourselves and each other.

What you'll read here isn't fluff, not by a serious long shot. But I feel like a lot of the feminist blogs and collectives I read are things I have often emotionally brace myself for, prepare to be angered by, upset with. I can't read them on a bad day. Now, that's par for the course when discussing our gross inequality as women, and the profound misogyny afoot, both obvious and hidden, in every nook and cranny of the world we live in and live with: it's not necessarily the fault of the authors or participants. There will absolutely be many times when at the All Girl Army we'll all read material addressing the same tough issues and wind up feeling low, angry or deeply sorrowful.

But I think there's something different here.

When I read the words of the young women here, even when they speak hard truths and pose difficult questions, even when I see them facing things I wish to hell by now no woman still had to, my heart does not feel unbearably heavy. They infuse me with a hope and a faith I haven't experienced in other feminist venues. I don't expect to have to come here and brace myself, rather, I expect I will come here to find a high point to every day, just because they are here where we can see and hear them, where they can represent themselves exactly how THEY want to; because they are excited to be here, they are excited to do what they can to connect with one another, to work to connect everyone and to do (probably more than) their share to change things for the better for themselves and for all women.

I've read, in too many places, even from women I respect and admire, statements that this generation of women are not everything we expected them to be. I agree... but only because they've already exceeded mine, and in short order, I imagine they'll blow them right out of the water.

For more information on what our aims are here, and what inspired the project, have a read right here. If you want to know more about the steering board and volunteers, click this way. To find out how our bloggers collectively define feminism, enjoy this page. Want to help? Check this out. Want to apply to become part of the collective? Go over here. Any questions?

Please remember that portions of this site are for participation by women, only. Our women-only policies are listed here.

And with that, we finally take the cork out of this bottle, and raise a toast to the struggles and the triumphs of our mothers, our sisters, daughters and for ourselves.

Welcome to the All Girl Army: viven las mujeres, viva la revolución!