Micki in the Marines

As of today, I have ten days left of freedom. Of doing nothing all day, of going out when I want, of sleeping in (after I go running at 5 am), of staying up late, of freedom.

I ship out July 24, which means an absense from this great project for at least three months, possibly more.

Micki: To the Future, and Beyond!

Dear me:
How's it going? You're on the verge of turning 28, right? By this time you should have graduated college 5 years ago, meaning its close to my military contract being up, isn't it? Hope that's working out well. Are you married? If not, are you seeing anyone? Do you have kids? If so, how many? Are you still in the Marines? Did you become an officer? What did you graduate from college with? Do you still see yourself as a feminist?

Remember me, though? So close to being 18 I can taste it; dreading and dying for boot camp to come and go; dating a dorky guy you love who calls himself an equalist; going to Ft. Worth in a few days; reading Ariel Levy's Female Chauvenist Pigs after The Devil Wears Prada; trying to figure out what seems definately right and definately wrong.

Kelly Rippa; America's Sweetfart

i really dislike kelly rippa and all she personifies.

just, what's with this country's unnatural obsession and/or soft spot for the blonde i-make-money-by-looking-stupid girl?!!?!

sex and guys vs. girls

It's been a subject that has been touched on before, but I don't know of any conclusion. Wait: yes I do, we all do, we just fail to look at it for what it is.

I wanted to write a huge analysis on this but I just can't. I don't have the motivation, the support, the time, the mood, or the knowledge other than what I see myself.

I hate how guys have the ability to band together and form bonds while girls are continuously competing and cutting each other down.

No really, think about it.

If guys had to compete for some girl's attention, they'd more than gladly pass her around so everyone gets a turn. They'd applaud "getting some". Then they'd think nothing of it because she was probably a "dirty slut" anyways. The girl always loses.

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