(AGA Blogger)
Sat Jul 25 2009 10:20 PM
Re: This is not a trick post: You are beautiful

I love it when things, even little things like this, are done to actively combat the onslaught of hate messages. Imagine how much sweeter life would be if you got up each morning, turned on the TV, and heard an announcer say, "And today, yet another amazing body part that women should feel good about!"

You go to the coffee shop, and instead of the giant ad reminding you how much you need a diet mocha, there's one telling you to warm your spirit with some chocolatey goodness.

You browse the magazine racks for something to read, and all the covers are of happy, diverse women of all sizes/ethnicities/ages/etc., talking about 10 More Ways To Worship Yourself!, Learn to Dance in Just One Week!, How to Tell a Partner What You Want!, etc.

Eh lol. The post-it notes will have to do for now. =P

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