(Be-Musing Momma)
Sat Apr 07 2007 02:34 PM
Re: Feminist-y Movies

LOVED Widow's Peak.


I love Blue Crush. The whole women power thing gets me really into it though in the end ofcourse she falls in love with some guy and the guy was what she needed to conquer the battle....

Gotta ask: how is that feminist? FYI, here's the article the movie was based on.

Thought of a few more this morning in passing: Lianna (likely the first film about coming to terms as a lesbian made, and it's so sensitively done), Desert Hearts, Mrs, Brown, Vera Drake, North Country, Monster, Whale Rider, Oleanna (which is more, really, a demonstration of patriarchy, but it is intended to be so), The Spitfire Grill, Girls Town, and big classic, The Children's Hour.

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