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Thu Jul 27 2006 04:44 PM
Re: The Pornography Division

Last year after I caught my boyfriend looking at porn, it made me really face the topic of pornography and if I was okay with it. Needless to say, I was initially angry as hell, but at the same time I was really interested in what made it so appealing to him. My boyfriend isn't a bad guy - (some) guys that look at pornography aren't bad people, either. So I watched some for myself to see what the big deal was, and also to see what I felt like I was up against...

I started with current pornography, and then I watched some older pornography from earlier decades. I saw that not only have women's bodies in the pornography industry gotten more ill proportioned and unbelievable - but there's also no structure to the films, if you can even call them that these days. It's just an hour and a half of "Let's see what we can make these girls do." Whereas older films that I watched from the 70's era seemed generally more aware of what was degrading and what wasn't. G-Force, for instance - was all about the female orgasm (as exaggerated as it was). The lead character was a university student studying English literature, and another lead role was a female doctor. The film made it a point to involve the women's lives as well as their bodies through *gasp* dialogue. Another thing that I appreciated was the fact that the entire film was about this guys' endeavor to learn about female ejaculation so that he could better appreciate his girlfriend. Littered with cheesiness, yes. But so much better than the stuff that's being sold today. These were actually movies with plots, dialogue, and relationships - whereas today pornography specializes in selling women's stereotypes to men and nobody else. They know that women aren't interested in the pornography that they're selling, so they're probably thinking 'why should we consider paying respect to an audience that isn't there?'

I find myself appreciating, if not flat-out enjoying pornography that's aware of it's women audience. You might not agree with me, but I think that there *was* potential in pornography, but whatever it was has completely disintegrated with the exception of feminist-directed porn which I certainly don't see a lot of. I can really get into porn, provided it's aware that my gender doesn't automatically make me the accomplice/toy/receptacle/stupid little girl in the situation.

Porn that I like doesn't necessarily empower me any more than a movie that I enjoy would, but I can see how a woman that was particularly sexual could identify with it and maybe feel more comfortable with herself as a result.

I definitely agree with you, Amelia, that a lot of contemporary porn is offensive and disgusting. But on the same token, instead of porn being completely wiped from the record, I'm just asking for a little 'porn reform.'

- A less offensive and fake portrayal of women.
- More creativity when it comes to making pornographic films. Treat them as what they're supposed to be: Films!...dialogue, plots and character development included.
- and lastly, More adult entertainment made available by and for women - because some of us *do* enjoy sex and deserve to be able to watch something relative that isn't insanely insulting.

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