Sat Jul 29 2006 02:10 AM
Re: The Pornography Division


Also, I want to ask you: if we can't base a critical analysis of porn and erotic texts on the degradation of women, because some women like degradation, then what, as feminists, should we use as the basis of a critical analysis of porn? What should we use to assess whether or not an erotic text is misogynist and harmful to women?

The issue is not individual pornographic articles. It is about consent and personal fulfillment, and the way you act outside of the bedroom.

Kink inside of it doesn't mean disrespect outside of it.

The issue is not and, imo, is never about personal tastes. It is about the way that you treat women outside of the bedroom and about your making sure that you have full consent before doing anything. It is about making sure that the sex is consensual and fun for you both, and about making sure you both have a way to indicate when something goes wrong.

Critical analysis should never exist when discussing what people consent to in the privacy of their own homes. It exists in what people do outside of their homes, or what they push on people who do not consent.

If every man in the world enjoyed kinky sex and treated every woman with absolute respect, the world would be a good place.

It is misogynist when it advocates treating anyone with anything but respect outside the bedroom, and bypassing consent.

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