(Be-Musing Momma)
Mon Aug 21 2006 10:50 AM
Re: Objetifi-WHAT? Exploring Objectification

Beppie, you start such great topics.

One place I always get stuck with this, is that even if we put sexism and issues of objectification between men and women aside, it seems to me that so many other systems in our culture objectify -- namely, a capitalist system, and a system strongly driven by the military-industrial complex -- that there is so much objectification AND self-objectification going on, that I can't help but wonder if a lot of the time, rather than having people trating others as objects, we effectively have objects treating each other as objects.

In other words, when there often appears to be so little humanity at play PERIOD, so little real comparrion and so much apathy, how can we figure out who is objectifying whom if we end up with so many object/object scenarios?

Does that make any sense?

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