(Be-Musing Momma)
Mon Aug 21 2006 01:23 PM
Re: Objetifi-WHAT? Exploring Objectification

That definitely makes sense, Heather, and I think it's related to Beppie's comment about objectification being about "reducing someone to a function." Rather than treating people as worthwhile in their own right, our contemporary world appears to be built around treating people as vehicles to satisfy our desires, and we are trained to view ourselves as collections of desires and skill sets to fulfill desires of others.

This is why I think that struggling against objectification needs to happen on two different levels. Not only do we need to recognize when we (or others) are treating someone merely as a means to an end (as Kant, of all people, would say), but we also need to recognize when we're treating ourselves or letting ourselves be treated as objects.

To be a little provocative here, I suspect that women will continue to reproduce patriarchal norms through their treatment of other women as long as they see themselves as little but consumers and sexbots.

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