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Tue Jul 18 2006 04:27 PM
The Pornography Division

So this always seems to be a divided issue with feminism and Iím really curious to see what all of you think on it. Iíve read through a lot of articles and books that claim to take the feminist stance on the issue and they have a tendency to contradict each other. I love that feminism can be individual and have personal theories but this particular subject seems to divide us much more than unite us. And although I donít consider myself to be judgmental on this issue I do seem to lack understanding in why some women believe pornography can in any way be freeing to women.

I was processing a Bitch article a while back that talked a lot about how women were now becoming directors in the industry and how they brought a much more feminine, sexually freeing perspective to the scene. The same edition of the magazine gave a variety of summaries on the different branches of feminism. I mentioned it in passing to my Mom and how confusing it was and we both agreed that although woman-directed porn was bound to be more tasteful than that directed by men, it was incredibly worrisome how some women perceived such a thing to be healthy and long over-due.

I hate pornography with a passion. Iím not naÔve, I know just about every guy friend I have keeps some handy to some extent. And I usually pass it off as normal for our culture but at the same timeÖI take a firm moral stance against it. I, personally, find it cheap and degrading, unhealthy, and although this stems mostly from it being a male-dominated industry I have a hunch that I wouldnít even approve of the more tasteful pornography directed by women. (I must make a disclaimer that I donít mean to offend anyone or question your takes on it, I am merely curious since this often times seems to be an issue that divides us rather than unites us.)

My personal experience that shapes my take on this is that I know a great number of men who have sexual addictions. I have one youth group leader, mentor, and friend who died trying to do pornographic stunts while his wife was out of town. I had a step-father that when combined with his alcoholism caused him to lose control of himself and hurt me in the process. I know others who have spent time in therapy and rehab for it. Although sexual addiction can not solely be blamed on any one thing, it can be fed. And my personal experience and upbringing paints an ugly picture for this industry. And I haven't even included the bits and pieces where I'm hanging out with the guys and someone mentions me taking my shirt off in passing, as if it's his right to make such a proposition. I believe in freedom as much as the next person but for an industry that feeds a diseased demographic and strengthens corrupt roots, Iím searching pretty hard to see any justification for it.

But thatís just my take and reasoning on it. Iím curious to hear what everyone else here thinks.

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