Help Support the AGA

Can you spare a few bucks for a young feminist and her community?

The All Girl Army is a hardworking bunch of young bloggers and adult mentors, most spending time each day working to nurture feminist community and awareness, within and without the AGA collective. We've got a lot of elbow grease, but we've also got some needs and plans that require the green stuff.

Monetary donations to the All Girl Army will be used for:

• Organization of a monthly mini-grant system, in which each month, a young feminist between the ages of 10 - 23 may win a grant of $50 to help her achieve a personal goal or pursue a personal interest, such as: printing her own zine, enrolling in a class/lessons to enhance her skills, having help with funds for travel to engage in a feminist project, the printing of business card, the organization of a school group, a college application fee, clothing for a job interview, et cetera.

• Organization of an annual AGA scholarship fund.

• The overhead costs of running the AGA, including our startup deficit (design, promotion, software, implementation, organization), our monthly hosting costs, grant application fees and labor, office needs and other overhead/managerial issues.

• Books and materials for both bloggers and board members.

• The cost of attendence to feminist/women's conferences our board members or bloggers may wish to attend to represent the AGA, and/or glean new skills to bring to the community.

• The cost of filing for non-profit status within the next year.

A donation of any amount would be much appreciated. At this time, we accept donations via Paypal or major credit cards.

Thanks for your consideration!

For other ways to support us, see our page of wishes here.