September is here, and that means it is spring time in New Zealand. I have not really spent much time in New Zealand over the last two years, and as much as I have tried to resist enjoying my time here, with the changing season I have also noticed myself starting to refer to it as home once again. Each day I have spent here since being back from overseas I have been making an effort to reconnect with this country and the people here who I left without looking back two years ago, especially the Women in my life.

When I left high school I made the mistake of moving out of home and finding a place with my best friend and her boyfriend. This may sound nice, but I now understand why people often tell you not to move in with friends, but that is a story for another day. Leaving home however was fantastic. I worked at the market everyday after school to save up enough cash to get out of the town I lived in and move myself into the city, hoping to disappear into a new life there but I guess the tides don’t change that fast, and I quickly found myself completely isolated, even though I was surrounded by thousands of people. So I left and went overseas.

It may not be paradise but it has got to be close!

I am very pleased to write that yesterday I finally made the move into my new home! I can't describe how nice it was to wake up this morning and realise that first of all I could not hear yelling and screaming, I was not expected to get up to make everyone breakfast, and I was waking up, which meant I actually slept for more than an hour and without any nightmares at all!

To feel safe again, after so many nights of fearing to close my eyes, to allow myself to fall asleep because I could not trust that the people I lived with would not let danger walk through the door and welcome him into my room, to feel safe again was a truely amazing feeling.

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