I was doing an experiment on cleavage a couple days ago; I put cleavage on my page, to see how much attention I could get. Of course, I got a lot. Friend requests, picture comments, e-mails, etc, and they were all from guys, 15-18.

Before I put it up on the internet I talked to a couple of my friends about it, Katie thought it was a stupid idea even if it was just for All Girl Army, Lisa, Lynn, Brittany, Lindsay and Tonya thought the same, but I did it anyway.

“They only want one thing,” my friend said to me, “’sex’”, she referred to the guy’s commenting and friend requesting me. They didn’t want to be my friend because of my personality or anything—they wanted my body only. That’s all.

sex and guys vs. girls

It's been a subject that has been touched on before, but I don't know of any conclusion. Wait: yes I do, we all do, we just fail to look at it for what it is.

I wanted to write a huge analysis on this but I just can't. I don't have the motivation, the support, the time, the mood, or the knowledge other than what I see myself.

I hate how guys have the ability to band together and form bonds while girls are continuously competing and cutting each other down.

No really, think about it.

If guys had to compete for some girl's attention, they'd more than gladly pass her around so everyone gets a turn. They'd applaud "getting some". Then they'd think nothing of it because she was probably a "dirty slut" anyways. The girl always loses.

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